Purchase of 277 acres for 140,000 francs by Barbanson Leon, a founder of Arbed, immensely rich and his wife Nina Leonie Tesch (daughter of Victor Tesch, Justice Minister and Governor General company and father of the railroad and the steel industry) who built the castle,

Organization of balls, receptions, hunting parties.









Barbanson Gaston, one of the children of Leon Barbanson ironmaster in Beggen, vice governor of the Societe Generale and Chairman of the Board of Arbed redeems all


The family Barbanson 1940 emigrated to other lands. A resort place settles



Beginning of the fragmentation of the field by Melle Neef Sainva, one of two children of Leon Barbanson

Sale of the farm and of the agricultural properties


Holiday center then abandoned





Purchase 54 hectars of wood W. Spoormans, Arendonk, industrial farming in the poulterer. Joseeph Clement Poot buys remaining the 156ha, including the castle. He sold it all at Spoormans in 1965.

In the 60s, the castle falls from its ruins





Sales of furniture and pieces for the Castle

René Spormanns skims the castle. Only the ground floor is partially spared.

Relay for hunters and hunting organization, building of a chicken farm and the orangery





The family Spoormans sells the castle (27ha of the domain) to

Fabienne Fontaine, realtor Steinfort (L)

and Michel Mathieu, Editor Sedan (F), through a company named Réf immo sprl. They restore the castle into a 4 -star hotel.

Opening of the castle: October 2005

Hotel 10 bedrooms, salons and wellness center

The 190ha are purchased by Breny estate agency and forester Jean-Pierre Simon.

Deforestation of the property to 90% forest resale





Acquisition of 190ha by Mathieu-Fontaine associates.

failed residential project for senior, organizing hunts




Associates Mathieu-Fontaine renovate the concierge.

Restaurant, small theater and seminar room



Aquisition of the castle and concierge including 27ha by Roby Schintgen artisan, through RS PROPERTIES company following the bankruptcy of the company of the associates Mathieu Fontaine

Rent rooms for receptions, ceremonies

Rental of 190ha by Roby Schintgen to the owners Mathieu Fontaine

Maintenance and organization of hunts


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